Start Your Journey to Better Credit at the Vehicle Credit Repair Center
Vehicle Credit Repair Center specializes in providing people with financial difficulties an opportunity of a fresh start. Depending on the your credit score and history, an auto loan approval can be given in minutes.

What you need to start your car loan pre-approval:
  1. Your last 2 Pay stubs*
  2. Current Utility Bill, Phone Bill, or Cable Bill
  3. Copy of your lease/contract if renting
  4. Valid Driver's Licenses or ID Cards for all Applicants
  5. Proof of Insurance
*Proof of Income for ALL Applicants: (Bring all that apply- 2 Months Pay stubs, SSI Award letters, Disability Awards, L.E.S, Retirement Plans, W2's, Self Employed-1099's, 3 months most recent bank statements, and/or last 2 years tax returns)   
We will do everything we can to help you get on the road to good credit!