At Vehicle Credit Repair our goal is to provide people who have had credit problems in the past with an opportunity to get a vehicle and to re-establish their credit through automotive financing.

We specialize in getting loans approved when you have:

  •     First Time Buyers
  •     Excessive or Unresolved Derogatory Credit
  •     Repossessions
  •     Credit Counseling or Debt Consolidation Programs
  •     Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  •     Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  •     Multiple Bankruptcies

What to expect:
It's best to meet in person for our initial consultation. You will need to bring in the items that banks will require. We will discuss your Credit history to find the best lender for you, talk about your vehicle needs, and your personal needs.  In most cases we are able to get same day approvals.
This is all you need to bring to drive away in a car today!

  1. Your last 2 Pay stubs*
  2. Current Utility Bill, Phone Bill, or Cable Bill
  3. Copy of your lease if renting
  4. Valid Driver's Licenses or ID Cards for all Applicants
  5. Proof of Insurance

*Proof of Income for ALL Applicants: (Bring all that apply- 2 Months Pay stubs, SSI Award letters, Disability Awards, L.E.S, Retirement Plans, W2's, Self Employed-1099's, 3 months most recent bank statements, and/or last 2 years tax returns)  

We will do everything we can to help get you back on the road.